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New Employees

Start Your Engine

Welcome to the team, we’re excited to have you here! Ready to get up to speed on your benefits? Here is what you need to do to help ensure a smooth ride: 

Review this Benefits Hub for a high level overview of all your benefits as a DriveTime employee.

Check out the Benefits Owners Manual for more details regarding your medical plan options and other benefits.

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New Employees

New employees must enroll within 30 days of hire date. Your benefits coverage will begin on day 31 of employment.

Many of the plans allow you to cover your eligible dependents, which include: ·

  • Your legal spouse or common law spouse*
  • Your children up to age 26, regardless of student, marital, or tax-dependent status (including a stepchild, legally adopted child, a child placed with you for adoption, or a child for whom you are the legal guardian)
  • Your dependent children of any age who are physically or mentally unable to care for themselves

NOTE: You may need to provide proof of your dependent’s eligibility, such as a marriage license, birth certificate or court document.

*Common law spouses are only eligible in Texas.

Need More Details?

Understand your options and view information on all the benefits available to you in the Benefits Owner’s Manual [PDF] .